, the service that enables homeowners to sell or rent their properties on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a low flat fee, announced that it is now offering a completely free home listing website. The free site, which is available to anyone in the United States, enables a home seller to create a web site with 15 photos, a personalized sub-URL, and customized document attachments for four months.
Welcome to Monday morning selling tip for real estate sellers. Every Monday we will post a tip to help home sellers possibly sell their home faster and with the potential to make top dollar on the sale. With inventory reducing there are still so many properties sitting on the market and that only require a little TLC.
Many events can occur while trying to close a home for sale that could possibly delay the closing date.
Right now its still a buyers market. As a home buyer the selection of homes may be plentiful. Itís important to be kind to the home seller, maybe kind is not the right word but more along the lines of minding your manners. Chances are if someone is selling their house for a good or bad reason, its an emotional time and it makes sense to follow open house etiquette.
When relocating or moving to a new city or State, lets not forget about man's best friend whether it is a cat, dog or bird. Relocating can be a stressful and especially if you own a pet. Many folks look at their pets as much than just an animal but a member of their family. Animals tend to get attached to their surroundings.
It is not advised that a home seller attempts to work with the bank on their own. It is a long and tedious process and a process that requires an attention to detail and dealing with the bank in their time. There is an enormous amount of paperwork required and specific steps to follow in order to accomplish a home sold in a short sale. Mistakes can prevent a successful closing or delay the entire process.
Did you know that there are well over a billion users on facebook? Many folks not only use facebook to reach friends and loved, many use this social network for marketing products and services, businesses and youíll see plenty of real estate listings. In order to leverage social media in promoting your home, you might want to consider using facebook for marketing!
There are many reasons why someone would consider selling their property without the services of a real estate agent or at a flat fee rate with mls exposure. Investors, home builders and homeowners who have a need or want to save thousands on commissions by selling their property on their own. For you do it your selfers, here are practical tips to get your home sold either by For Sale by Owner or using a Flat Fee listing service.
Leverage these resources to grow your real estate business through effective online marketing.
Homeowners can now sell their own home without paying a listing agent a commission, and still receive all the benefits of listing their house for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and